Pavelka was delighted to bring a week-long focus on holistic wellbeing to Cisco in India.

Founder & CEO Jessie Pavelka explains:

So good to be back at Cisco India after 4 years. Today we sat in the room and talked about all the ways we can achieve resilience. From my own perspective, resilience is a dance between knowing when to push, when to pull back and when to shut off. It’s an awareness of yourself and those around you coupled with acceptance.

We heard from leaders, from early in careers (EIC) and from clinical professionals on why the topic of resilience is so important and how each of us has to define what it looks like in our own lives. I want to thank Kamal Agrawal, Rajesh Chandrasekhar, Dr. Anupama Menon, Philip John, Kartika Kilam and all of the people of Cisco India who supported and attended today. To all the partners; we appreciate the joined up thinking to ensure we promote all the ways wellbeing can show up.

Over the next six days there will be various partners promoting tools and techniques to support individual and team wellbeing. My hope is that everyone walks away with one thing they can do differently.

Here’s to making wellbeing accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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