at Work

By partnering with Pavelka to support the wellbeing of your people, we are able to identify and address your needs. We provide you and your teams with a wide selection of tools that can improve their lives both at work and at home.

flagship products and services

our wellbeing core components


Access engaging resource collections with actionable tips for colleagues' wellbeing journey.


Create a buzz with a launch event keynote, a hosted panel or even a whole day of wellbeing.


Expert-led modules offering thought-provoking actions for team members. 

on-Demand PROGRAMS

A fun way to create new behaviors that help shape a culture of wellbeing for your team.


Boost team engagement with inclusive challenges, fostering togetherness and overall wellbeing.


Support passionate team members to pioneer wellbeing with tools, resources, and training. 


Boost team engagement with collaborative challenges that creates a sense of togetherness.


Sharing wellbeing content, forming communities and launching challenges through our Pavelka App.


Data and insights that help tell the wellbeing story of the impact its making.

3 levels of support

for organizations of all sizes

Whether you are looking for inspiration to get your wellbeing kickstarted, add to your existing initiatives to make them more consistent and sustainable... or even, looking for additional capacity and practical solutions to really bring wellbeing to life in your organization.

Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, we have you covered...

Curated Wellbeing Experiences

  • Kickstart or support your current wellbeing journey.
  • Easy to get started - select from a menu of experiences.
  • Access to a global network of subject matter experts.


  • Keynotes and Event Hosting.
  • Expert Led-Sessions.
  • Challenges and Programs.

Bespoke Wellbeing Programs

  • Support the development of your wellbeing strategy.
  • Creation or support of internal wellbeing brand.
  • Access to tech platforms with regular data & insights.


  • Leadership Roundtables.
  • Team Sessions.
  • Annual Wellbeing Program.

Extended Wellbeing Support

  • Dedicated full-time wellbeing team working alongside you. 
  • Fully bespoke wellbeing programs and events. 
  • Tech customization and deeper insight opportunities.


  • Additional Team Capacity. 
  • Online, Hybrid & In-Room Events.
  • Data into Positive Actions. 
Explore your pathway with a discovery session

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP with pavelka...

A Discovery Session where we will explore:

  • Review your organization's current wellbeing needs and challenges.
  • Identify your organization's position on the wellbeing maturity matrix.
  • Introduction to the Pavelka 9-step wellbeing culture journey.
  • Personalised a 3-point wellbeing action plan for your organization.

PLUS!  Access to monthly 'Leading with Wellbeing' resources.