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Living Life

Real people, real stories

In ‘Living Life: Real People, Real Stories’, Jessie Pavelka catches up with old friends over a discussion of well-being.

Through a journey of 10 open and heart-warming conversations, hear how these ‘real people’ coped with their own issues; be that as part of life’s inevitable ups and downs, plus the added difficulties of the pandemic.

The series opens a window into the raw human experience and, even more poignantly, encourages the viewer to take away an understanding of well-being that they can use in their own life.

Watch ‘Living Life: Real People, Real Stories’ and reflect on a new definition of self-care, and a new journey of self-discovery.

Series 1


Laura's Journey

In 2018 Laura had the chance to attend a Jessie Pavelka Retreat and she saw this as her chance for a new beginning. Follow her story over the three videos to see how she embraces Jessie's philosophy of health: Eat, Sweat, Think, Connect.


motivational thoughts…

In these short videos, Jessie shares his views on ways to bring The Four Elements into your daily life with tips on how to create peace of mind, how to deal with stress, guilt, and toxic people, and lots of inspiration on how to live your best life!