When we started Pavelka Retreats in 2013, we didn’t know how the work would impact those who attended.

We believed it was important work, but we also needed you to believe. Flash-forward to today, our vision is “To light up the world with wellbeing,” something we take very seriously. 

This vision was born from our early days of rolling up our sleeves and seeing into the hearts, minds, and souls of eager and willing individuals just like you.

The true impact of our work was discovered when we saw people light up right before our very eyes - sitting up taller with more confidence, seeing a smile where sadness once lived, watching someone take a deep breath and relax for the first time or make eye contact with others without the fear of being judged. This was, and still is, the impact of a Pavelka retreat and the soul food for all our work.

Our Retreats are an opportunity for you to wake up to a new way of living, one that is built for you and by you. By using The Four Elements, and a variety of modalities that bring meaning to your experience with us, we simply guide you to where you need to be; and we like to say,

We meet you where you are, but don’t leave you where we found you…”.


A new beginning!


We learn so much from each other; that is the power of community. As you share your story - something magical happens; your openness and vulnerability motivates and inspires others into action.


Connect with yourself; connect with like-minded people and others living diverse lives. Become involved in something greater as you feel part of a supportive community.


Our Retreats are about being in the moment and looking forward to where you are going. You will leave with a clearer idea of which path you will take next.


After the Retreat, you will have your plan of action. The community you have joined will help you take real ownership through supportive accountability, helping you stay true to yourself.

After the retreat

what you walk away with:
  • Access to the Pavelka Community
  • A plan that we build together in partnership using The Four Elements
  • A newfound awareness of what is important and meaningful
  • Resources to support your journey ahead
  • Access to future virtual events


are coming in 2024

We are currently planning more events in the UK and the US for 2024.

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