From Pavelka’s Ashyln Allen:

Wow. What an experience.

Three days of discussion, collaboration, and synergy brought together engineers, partners, and sales professionals within Cisco from around the world. As one of Cisco’s wellbeing partners, the Pavelka team met with individual contributors, leaders, and teams to work on ways to simplify and enhance the wellbeing experience for Cisconians.

The event was an incredible opportunity to expand horizons and conduct needs assessments across all regions. Our team held inclusive stretch sessions within the P&C Hub to loosen muscles and invigorate minds. Following the stretch, we engaged in conversations around resource accessibility, education, and comprehension. We even got to have a session with Lumi!

One of the most rewarding aspects was the chance to connect with individuals who share the same passion for driving positive change. Some of their guiding forces include geo-inclusive wellbeing offerings, communicating and building trust with leaders, establishing protective barriers when seeking support, collaborating across regions on shared experiences, and simplifying products and platforms.

I was particularly moved by the vulnerable moments shared and the actions that were immediately implemented to address positive change. The compassion, energy, and trust were captivating.

A special thank you for also inviting Jessie PavelkaCatherine Mazur to attend a phenomenal event that seamlessly blended education, networking, and inspiration. Deepest gratitude to Sheila Champion-Smeeth for your unwavering support and to all hub staff that discussed wellbeing benefits. Finally, thank you to all of our leaders who spent time connecting with Jessie on how to advocate for your teams Shannon LeiningerKelly JonesLaércio AlbuquerqueDaisy ChittilapillyIchiro NakagawaConnie D.

Let’s keep the conversation going. If you attended #CiscoIMPACT too, I’d love to hear your key takeaways and insights around wellbeing. Feel free to connect with me or drop a comment below. Together, we can continue to light up the world with wellbeing. We are your wellbeing team. 🌟

Our Founder, Jessie Pavelka, added:

After three inspiring days at this year’s #CiscoImpact, we are thrilled to leave with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

Each year we have the privilege of engaging with Cisco’s leaders, ensuring that our efforts align to support the wellbeing of their people. Recognizing that each region, country, team, and individual has unique needs, our aim is to make wellbeing accessible to everyone – everywhere.

What excites me the most about our partnership with Cisco this year is our opportunity to showcase the intrinsic link between wellbeing and work. They are not mutually exclusive but, rather, interwoven aspects of a fulfilling life.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our supporters within Cisco for yet another year of championing wellbeing as a core element of the organization’s culture, within teams, and in the hearts and minds of its employees.

Here’s to powering and inclusive future for all and lighting up the world with wellbeing!

About the Author

Pavelka offers a suite of accessible tools and proven techniques to help support the wellbeing of leaders, teams and individuals – in the workplace and at home.

Jessie Pavelka is CEO & Co-founder of Pavelka Limited.

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