Our Ashlyn Allen explains:

Last week, the Pavelka team had the pleasure of joining Cisco in Toronto for a Hybrid Wellbeing Day (HWD). An HWD is an opportunity for us to bring wellbeing into the cultural center of the organization. It utilizes both in-person and virtual elements allowing a greater connection.

At this particular event, we held a leadership onsite discussion, a Canada-wide All Hands check-in, and a Give Back event benefiting a Toronto-native organization. In the leadership discussion, we had the opportunity to expand on what is going well within the team, but also how to continue to improve. At the All Hands event, we mentioned the importance of showing up as your best self by “protecting your positive space”. Taking care of yourself means you show up as your best in your team and for others. In the Give Back event, we had the opportunity to hear from employees and the amazing work they’re doing beyond their “day job”.

Are you someone who sits within a team or organization, or, are you a leader seeking to uplift your employees? Let’s connect on how we can help you light up the world with wellbeing at Pavelka.

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