When Pavelka does a workplace well-being challenge, what does it look like?

Teamwork: It’s over 1,000 people around the world connecting together in fun, bite-size actions of healthy teamwork and collaboration.

Whole Health: It’s not an individual or step challenge, it’s around The Four Elements, Eat Sweat Think Connect.

Impact: Simple, small moments making lasting changes! It happens on an app but it’s really about the human experience, and whole organisation culture.

If you would like your people to get together, support each other and boost their well-being, please contact us for a chat.

About the Author

Pavelka offers a suite of accessible tools and proven techniques to help support the wellbeing of leaders, teams and individuals – in the workplace and at home.

Jessie Pavelka is CEO & Co-founder of Pavelka Limited.

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December 6, 2023

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