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On-Demand Programs

Our programs are learning journeys, which encourage knowledge acquisition and habit formation that help shape a culture of wellbeing for your team.

it all starts with the four elements 

Wellbeing programs are designed within the framework of The Four Elements, EAT, SWEAT, THINK and CONNECT, and support the challenges of the modern workplace. Content is presented through a variety of mediums including, walkthrough videos, live webinars and printable workbooks


a journey through the world of nutrition

The program focuses on creating an understanding around the connection between the food that a person consumes and their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Eat Well to Live Well consists of on-demand resources including short videos, worksheet activities and downloadable resources.

Take a holistic deep dive through mindfulness

This program explores scientific findings behind mindfulness, to allow the user to build a better relationship with themself. With a focus on mindful eating, mindful movement, mindful communication, mindful connection.

On-demand resources include short videos, audio guided meditation and simple workbooks. 

Boosting Productivity & optimizing daily routines

Working With Wellbeing is inclusive and will help go beyond work-life balance, no matter what the user does for work, where they work or how they work. 

The program focuses on the challenges that users might face with prioritization, stress management and focus.

Gives users a series of easy to implement wellness tips and exercises designed to maximise their potential. 

Programs include:

On-demand, self-paced, bitesize content:

  • Videos steps: introducing each step and topic. 
  • Video topic module: immerse deeper into specific topic.
  • Learning resources: activity worksheet or resource to help you reflect and take-action.
  • Community: share and learn together via collaboration tools.

Supporting Program Toolkit:

Ideas for driving registrations and encourage engagement:

  • Communications plan: timeline and templated emails.
  • Registration process: joining and onboard journey.
  • Promotional resources: challenge slide deck, program logos, promo video, social messaging.

benefits of on-demand Programs

Increased productivity & adaptability

Acquiring new skills and knowledge, encourages an increase in efficiency and effectiveness in both individuals and teams. 

Personal & professional growth

Engaging in continuous learning can boost self-confidence, stimulate personal fulfilment, and promote a sense of accomplishment.

Knowledge sharing & collaboration

Programs encourage interaction and collaboration. This peer-to-peer learning is incredibly valuable for teamwork, and the exchange of ideas.

in summary

Learning programs provide a structured framework for acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and fostering personal and professional growth. By investing in learning initiatives, individuals and organizations can reap the benefits of an engaged, adaptable, and knowledgeable workforce.

What our users say...

Mindfulness has absolutely become a little part of my life now, even though not regular, its help me a lot when I need it

The program had a lot of variety which kept me interested. Chatting with my program buddy was really motivational. 

It's made me think about each of the elements in everything I do and made me more focused on keeping everything in balance.

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP with pavelka...

A Discovery Session where we will explore:

  • Review your organization's current wellbeing needs and challenges.
  • Identify your organization's position on the wellbeing maturity matrix.
  • Introduction to the Pavelka 9-step wellbeing culture journey.
  • Personalised a 3-point wellbeing action plan for your organization.

PLUS!  Access to monthly 'Leading with Wellbeing' resources.