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Wellbeing Champions

Champions are passionate people already on your team who we support to ‘Pioneer’ wellbeing for your people with tools, resources and training 

KEEPING THE FOUR ELEMENTS at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

Champions play a crucial role in promoting and supporting the wellbeing of individuals within an organization. They are champions of change, creators of movements and Ambassadors of The Four Elements wellbeing formula and keep EAT, SWEAT, THINK and CONNECT at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Who do you think would make a great wellbeing champions in your organization? 

Two attendees holding Pavelka gym bags at a hybrid wellbeing event in Poland.


Pavelka Pioneers are the beating heart of our work within organizations – our eyes and ears, our advisors and those who deliver the important message of well-being to their colleagues, leaders and teams.

When Pavelka works with any organization, the goal is to help create a shift in the culture.

We do this by starting the conversation that is then turned into a movement led by our Pavelka Pioneers who embrace the 4 Elements and build a robust community all around the world.

A cultural shift starts with an awareness of the self, and this then develops into an awareness of those around us.

When we discover the joy of being the best version of ourselves, it is natural to want to share the good news: being a Pioneer is an ideal way to do that.


Whether it is initiating an online or live event around The Four Elements, helping the Pavelka Team set up webinars and live events, collecting inspirational success stories from those you know, or simply helping us share our resources and activities with your colleagues.

 A Pioneer plays a very valuable role in bringing well-being to life and shifting the culture of teams, sites, locations


  • You will be Pavelka in your location.
  • You will know all about The Pavelka Way and The Four Elements
  • You will champion Health and Well-being within your team, your function and your office
  • You will help to develop and feedback on the health and well-being initiative
  • You will share your skills and network to help develop the health and well-being initiative
  • You will help to deliver local activities that bring The Four Elements to life

Supporting Program Toolkit:

The Pioneers Journey

Action planning

Challenge Templates

Organizing Events

Working with Leaders

Sharing successes

Access to wellbeing merchandise

benefits of wellbeing champions

Awareness & Education

Wellbeing champions raise awareness about mental health and overall wellbeing. They provide information, resources, and educational materials to help people understand the importance of self-care, stress management, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Peer Support

Wellbeing champions serve as a point of contact for individuals who may be struggling with their mental health or facing other personal challenges. They offer a listening ear, empathy, and emotional support, acting as a bridge between individuals and formal support systems.

Positive Culture

Having wellbeing champions creates a positive and supportive culture within an organization. When people see that their wellbeing is valued and supported, they are more likely to engage in self-care practices, seek help when needed, and enjoy a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

in summary

Wellbeing champions play a vital role in creating safe, supportive environments that enhances the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, teams and leaders. Their efforts contribute to improved overall satisfaction, productivity, and a healthier organizational culture.

What our Pioneers (champions) say...

It's my privilege to be able to give something of myself to everyone every day!

I didn't know I had mental health challenges until it was too late; being a Pavelka Pioneer has allowed me to share how I felt, to raise awareness, and hopefully help people to talk about their feelings.

Behind all businesses there are human beings ultimately, and if we only focus on the business, the revenue, the profits and not the people, then we are not doing the business a service.

I want to take as many people as possible on this journey with me, and inspire them, too.

Pavelka is the oxygen mask we can promote across the region.

I feel I have gained much more from this movement than what I have given.

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP with pavelka...

A Discovery Session where we will explore:

  • Review your organization's current wellbeing needs and challenges.
  • Identify your organization's position on the wellbeing maturity matrix.
  • Introduction to the Pavelka 9-step wellbeing culture journey.
  • Personalised a 3-point wellbeing action plan for your organization.

PLUS!  Access to monthly 'Leading with Wellbeing' resources.