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Wellbeing Challenges

Have fun and boost team engagement with inclusive & collaborative challenges that creates a sense of togetherness and overall wellbeing within your teams.


Wellbeing shows up in a variety of ways in each of our lives, so we want to celebrate that uniqueness through our Pavelka Challenges.    There are a number to choose from and all bring a wide range of ways to bring the benefits of healthy competition to life in your organization.  

These challenges provide a cooperative, collective experiences which allow teams to work together and connect in a fun and meaningful way.  This results in team safety, collective resilience, the gaining of information and a sense of empathy.

Pavelka Challenge Principals

  • Do not reward top of the leaderboard, but there are prizes 
  • Actively promote accountability groups
  • Succeed as a team - no one left behind - as teams work to checkpoints
  • Social sharing and storytelling recognized and rewarded
  • Bring it back to the collective - conversation feed and power of ‘connect’ element regardless of the challenge theme

Below are a sample of the variety of challenges that Pavelka can run, however we prefer to understand your specific needs and preferences for a challenge to be shaped around you....

Is there a particular challenge that you'd like to explore? 

Individual Challenges

Pavelka creates challenge template in the backend of the App. We set the challenge title, provide a brief description, a feature image and most importantly the activity or set of activities that must be completed each day to complete the challenge. We currently have 5 different challenge templates available:

Eat one of the Pavelka Four Elements.


healthy five-a-day

A 5-day challenge to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat every day. Post a daily image of your healthy choices, and at the end of the week see how you feel!

Challenge activities:

  • Day 1 – Post your healthy snack
  • Day 2 – Post your healthy lunch
  • Day 3 – Post your evening meal
  • Day 4 – Post your healthy snack
  • Day 5 – Post your five-a-day
  • Day 6 – Rest Day
  • Day 7 – Rest Day

This is a 5 day challenge that is best run through 5 working days (Monday – Friday). The 5 days will repeat across the whole length of the challenge run if it extends beyond 5 days.

Sweat one of the Pavelka Four Elements.


daily step challenge

Daily Step Challenge

Who can take the most steps as they SWEAT?? The winner will be the person who contributes the highest step count after one month. This challenge will connect you to some healthy competition. Log at least 6,000 steps every day to be part of the action.

Challenge activities:

  • Log 6,000 steps or more

This challenge will run for 30 consecutive calendar days including weekends and publish holidays. The daily action is always the same. Users can choose to integrate their Apple Health or Google Fit from within the challenge, if they wish to use a wearable or mobile device to automatically track their steps.

Sweat one of the Pavelka Four Elements.


daily movemenT

Share how you are getting out of your head and into your body over 30-days and post about your experience to show and share your journey to better wellbeing.

Challenge activities:

  • Share your movement

This challenge will run for 30 consecutive calendar days including weekends and public holidays. The daily action is always the same.

Think one of the Pavelka Four Elements.


just breathe

Commit to a 10-minute a day, daily mindfulness practice. For 10 days, record your daily breathing practice and post about your experience to connect with others who are also building this life-changing habit and collect points.

Challenge activities:

  • 10-minutes of mindfulness

10 minutes for 10 days. The challenge is best started on a Monday and the activities will cycle through 5 days of activity followed by 2 rest days for the weekend in between the 2 working weeks across which it will run.

Connect one of the Pavelka Four Elements.


daily gratitude 

CONNECT to the power of sharing and share one thing you are grateful for every day for 21 days.

Challenge Activity:

  • Share your gratitude

The challenge runs for 21 consecutive days including weekends and public holidays.

TEAM Challenges

How is a team challenge different to an individual challenge?

The user themselves cannot create a team challenge, it is pre-loaded on to the App and published to run at a specific date and time. The Pavelka Admin team can set up 2 phases of publication:

  • Registration – allowing users to register on the App and create a team for the challenge. They can see the challenge activities but cannot complete them as the challenge itself hasn’t actually started
  • Challenge live – users can still register as above, but the challenge has started and users can complete challenge activities.

The challenge encourages teams of up to four people to come together in a challenge team, and work together to complete a set of daily activities. Completing the set of daily activities unlocks team milestone badges. A user can therefore participate on their own as an individual if they don’t want to invite others into their team, but they would still have to create a team (of 1) to participate.

As teams unlock milestone badges, their activity contributes to achieving an overriding challenge goal. Every team, no matter how many activities they complete, are contributing to the overriding challenge goal.

There can only be one team challenge running at a time, and consideration must be given to whether individual challenges continue to run, or we allow users to create individual challenges at the same time to avoid confusion between different challenge activities that a user may need to complete.

The peak communicator

A team-based challenge that builds the key skills of communication to ensure strong wellbeing for both the individual and organization as a whole.

Centering on effective communication delivering a culture of trust, empathy and relationship-building, The Peak Communicator Challenge blends emotional and social wellbeing, with an essential business need.

Teams of up to four people, work together through a set of daily challenge activities to earn their team milestone badges in:

  • Active Listening
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Being Intentional
  • Powerful Questions
  • Gratitude

As teams earn their milestone badges, the peak communicator pyramid lights up to show the organization as a whole working towards being peak communicators. No matter how many activities a team completes, they are all contributing to the overall goal of lighting up the peak communicator pyramid.

Peak communication empowers healthy mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. For the individual, it leads to the self-assurance that brings inner calm through confidence of action.

In teams, peak communication ensures the trust, empathetic understanding and relationship-building that delivers a transparent culture of resilience and productivity.

follow the sun

A team experience about movement and supporting each other, whilst sharing inspiration!

Every participant contributes to the Pavelka mission to “light up the world with wellbeing” by collectively adding enough steps to walk across the earth from Auckland, New Zealand to San Jose, California.

The route “Follows the Sun” from East to West and takes over 91 million steps. Approximately 73,000 km’s or 45,360 miles and can include up to 22 different cities with 10 checkpoint locations.

Teams of four, can sync up their wearables or manually track their steps and work together to collect their team milestone badges:

  • 25,000 steps
  • 50,000 steps
  • 75,000 steps
  • 100,000 steps
  • 150,000 steps

No matter how many steps any individual took, they all contribute the overall goal of the challenge, which is moving from Auckland, New Zealand to San Jose in California.

This challenge encourages movement through social connection and accountability.

Take our challenge to light up the world, or why not have us customize a route especially for your organization.

bespoke client challenge

The Financial Wellbeing Challenge was a great example of true client and vendor collaboration. 

After identifying financial wellbeing was a significant wellbeing challenge their people were facing, Pavelka partnered with the clients existing global financial services provider to create a bespoke financial wellbeing challenge.

The organization had put in place multiple and comprehensive financial wellbeing provisions to address this, but were struggling with a lack of enrolment and engagement with the support and services being provided..

Challenge activities included those that would help the participant achieve their longer term financial goals and shorter term activities that would support in their immediate money mindset.

Launch events, educational events in partnership with their financial services providers, a community experience and Pavelka matched accountability partners all created a coaching experience around completing the challenge.

The challenge ran across 2 weeks and led to a 350% uptake in the financial wellbeing offerings put in place by the organizations benefits team.

challenges include:

Individual, team or company-wide activities:

  • Accountability – through buddy matching
  • Achievement – Leaderboards, badges & prizes
  • Community - share and learn together via collaboration tools
  • Live Events – milestone celebrations
  • Stretch – Additional break-out challenge opportunities
  • Tech – mobile app supporting the delivery of the challenge

Supporting Program Toolkit:

Ideas for driving registrations and encourage engagement:

  • Communications plan: timeline and templated emails.
  • Registration process: joining and onboard journey.
  • Promotional resources: challenge slide deck, program logos, promo video, social messaging.

The Pavelka App is available on iOS and android phones.

Integrations: Apple Health & Google Fit

Languages: US English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

benefits of wellbeing challenges

Improved employee health

Wellbeing challenges promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging employees to engage in physical activity, practice mindfulness, manage stress, and make better nutrition choices. Regular exercise and healthy habits contribute to reduced absenteeism, improved energy levels, and enhanced overall wellbeing.

Increased employee engagement

Wellbeing challenges provide opportunities for employees to connect and engage with their colleagues outside of regular work tasks. Collaboration and teamwork can be fostered through participation in group challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie, and building stronger relationships among employees.

Boosted morale and satisfaction

Participating in corporate wellbeing challenges shows that the organization values and supports the well-being of its employees. This can result in increased employee morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty. Employees feel cared for and appreciated, leading to a positive work environment and reduced turnover rates.

in summary

Wellbeing challenges are not only fun they succeed in bringing together colleagues from all around the world from different business functions -  Corporate, Customer Service, R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Finance and beyond...

What our users say...

This challenge arrived at just the right time for our team, it was well organised and the Pavelka team was so helpful!

The challenge reminded me how grateful I am to work with such amazing people. It was fun connecting with them.

Our new challenge has helped our small global team come together and kickstart a new team ritual. We all feel more connected and energized! Go team!"

This really motivated me to get out and exercise much more than I would have on my own.

We have shown ourselves, our community and our organization as the amazing team we are, and no matter the goal, we are here to get it!!!

We are proud to have completed a daily average of 13,000 steps each. The challenge might be over, but our health journey continues!"

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP with pavelka...

A Discovery Session where we will explore:

  • Review your organization's current wellbeing needs and challenges.
  • Identify your organization's position on the wellbeing maturity matrix.
  • Introduction to the Pavelka 9-step wellbeing culture journey.
  • Personalised a 3-point wellbeing action plan for your organization.

PLUS!  Access to monthly 'Leading with Wellbeing' resources.